Welcome to the home of Indian Dance in Norfolk! Natyapriya is an Indian dance company that was founded in 1996, in Norwich. The name of our company sums up beautifully what we are about; in Sanskrit, the word ’Natya’ means dance and ‘Priya’ means love and we certainly do have a great love of dance!

Natyapriya has a wide repertoire in Bharatanatyam (South Indian classical temple dancing), Indian folk dance and Bollywood dance. Our dancing has been described variously as spectacular, beautiful, mesmerising, vibrant, colourful and joyful. Over the years, Natyapriya have produced numerous, very successful dance dramas, collaborated with artists and singers, taken part in festivals and community events, conducted workshops and remarkably, managed to have great fun, whilst doing all this!

Our productions are diverse and include an adaptation of Herman Hesse’s ‘Siddharta’, extracts from the Indian epics, the Ramayana and Mahabarata and interpretations of Urdu poet Samia Malik’s feminist poetry. We have also been commissioned to do special pieces for the Norwich Fringe festival and for the wonderful ‘ Go Elephants’ project, which saw 100s of beautifully decorated elephants adorn the streets of Norwich.

Our connection with Norfolk, the wonderful audiences, the warm reception that our work gets and the cultural openness of its people makes us truly proud to be Norfolk’s very own Indian Dance Group!

Natyapriya have worked closely with the Norwich Playhouse for the last 10 years, to showcase our annual productions, but we are always keen to take our work to new audiences and new places. We can be booked for theatre evenings, festivals, community events, private functions, balls, parties and workshops. We are also able to offer performance and workshop packages and tailor made cultural evenings to suit specific events. To discuss your requirements, make an enquiry or a booking, please contact anne@saffronpage.com

We are an all women group and at the moment we have 12 full time members in the company, who specialise in different aspects of performance. At the artistic heart of the group is Anne, the director and choreographer. Anne is very ably supported by the gorgeous company of dancers; Annie, Kathy, Natasha, Yan, Molly, Mita, Jo, Jo (yes, there are two of them!), Deepa, Tania, Alina, Alisha and Dana.




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